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Lake Gaston

Lake Gaston Local Area Learning Opportunities

  • Halifax Community College - Continuing Education
    Halifax Community College is a public, two-year, educational institution located in Weldon, NC with an open door policy. The college provides vocational, technical, college transfer and life-long learning opportunities for anyone of suitable age who has the desire to learn.
  • Southside Community College - Continuing Education
    There are nine locations for Southside Virginia Community College. The closest being the ones in South Hill, Va. and Emporia, Va.
  • Vance-Granville County Community College - Continuing Education
    The Continuing Education Division at Vance-Granville Community offers a variety of programs to meet the needs and interests of its citizens. There are opportunities for students to gain basic academic skills, job training and retraining skills, along with personal growth and cultural programs. The Continuing Education Division provides life-long learning opportunities. They are located in Henderson, NC and a satellite facility in Warrenton, NC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join this club?

To learn new skills, become more comfortable and proficient, keep abreast of new technologies, meet others with similar interests.

How can I get help / advice if I want to buy a new PC?

Come into the shop on Mondays and talk to the shop techs.

How can I request help when I have a problem with my PC?

Call (252-586-9919) or bring in to the shop on Mondays. They will help you if they can or advise you what to do next.

Should I turn off my PC when not in use?

It is not necessary except to conserve energy. Some tasks may be scheduled to during the night or when your computer is not busy.

What should I do with my PC during a thunderstorm?

The most important thing is to disconnect your phone line from the wall or at the modem. Shutdown and unplug PC if desired. Your phone line is the most vulnerable point.

What should I know about virus protection and other infections?

You should only use one software program on your system for virus protection but to combat malware and other infections you should use at least one or two malware programs.

I keep getting pop-up messages that say I need to install updates. Should I allow these updates or just ignore them?

Always get your updates from Microsoft Windows, Adobe (Reader, Flash Player), Java, your antivirus software and any software that you installed on your computer.