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Lake Gaston

Lake Gaston Computer Repair

Available to all Lake Gaston Computer Club members, the Repair Center is open every Monday (except major holidays), from 8:30 A.M. until 2:30P.M. We are located in Suite C of the Town Center Complex on HWY 158 in Littleton, NC, the same location as our LGCC Classroom. We can be reached by phone at (252) 586-9919.

When your computer system goes out of whack or you need instruction on how to make things work the way you want, this is the place to come for Lake Gaston computer repair service. For those "techy" problems we have a Tech Support Group that can fix most computer ills, remove viruses, clean malicious software, add more RAM, replace bad parts, install software or new operating systems, setup your new computer or even build you a custom computer. They specialize in cleaning up a slow system so that it will run faster. They are happy to give you some instruction or advice when you need a hand or just don't understand. If the problem can't be solved by the support group they will advise you as to the best course of action.

You may contact the Repair Shop to make arrangements to bring your computer to the Repair Center or just show up on any day that they are open. They may even be able to help you over the phone or give you an idea of what the problem is before bringing it in. Members should keep in mind that even though the folks working in the Repair Center are quite competent they are not computer professionals. They are just members who have experience in computer repair and are willing to help. There are no guarantees, of course, and members avail themselves of this service at their own risk. There is no charge except for parts; however, donations to the club are always welcomed.

New Guidelines

Based on the new CDC and NCDHHS guidance on face coverings, the Repair Shop is no longer requiring everyone that enters to wear a mask. The Tech Support Group is fully vaccinated and club members that are also fully vaccinated may enter the shop for one-on-one help without a mask. Members who are NOT fully vaccinated should continue to wear a mask when entering. Also, anyone who feels more comfortable wearing a mask should continue to do so. Appointments are still required in advance to ensure someone will be available to help you.

Shop contact info:
Phone: 252-586-9919

Computer Repair Lake Gaston

Support Structure


Friends are still often the first source of help. Club meetings offer an opportunity to make acquaintances who share one’s computer interests. Classes are offered both in lecture and hands-on modes to help members develop their computer skills.


The Club Repair Shop is free for all members. A group of technically skilled volunteers can fix most personal computer problems, remove viruses and malicious software, replace bad parts, install new software, cleanup a slow system so that it will run faster, setup a new computer, and give advice on buying a new computer system. Android phones, iPhones, iPads plus other Apple products and Macs are also included in their services.


One-on-one instruction is also available at the Club Classroom and Repair Shop on Mondays from 11:30am to 2:30pm to learn how to make the computer work the way you want or help in using Windows, Word, Excel, Power Point, and other software programs.

LGCC Repair Shop

Hours: Mondays 8:30AM - 2:30PM
(not open major holidays)

Curbside Drop-off and Pickup

Appointments via Remote Video Quick Assist

Appointment In-Person Service at Shop


Phone: (252) 586-9919

Location: Town Center Complex
Suite C - Hwy 158 - Littleton, NC 27850


Computer Repair Lake Gaston

Computer Repair Lake Gaston

Community Service

When the Lake Gaston Computer Club was organized, one of its stated purposes was “initiating and conducting educational and charitable computer related projects and activities in support of the community around Lake Gaston". The Community Service Committee guides the club with the following initiatives:

  • Responds to requests from local governments, schools, churches and nonprofit organizations with computer related help and education.
  • Collects, refurbishes, and distributes computers to senior shut-ins, youths in need, schools and nonprofit organizations.
  • Awards two $500 scholarships to local students attending a community college in our area.

Professional Service

Professional help is sometimes needed, for instance when a member cannot bring the machine into the repair center, or when a member prefers not to wait till the next Monday, or the volunteer Tech Support Group is unable to resolve a problem, or when the machine is a business computer. In these cases professional services may be required. There are several Computer repair facilities in the local area. Contact one of them for arrangements and cost estimates.

If you have a computer to donate, a candidate or cause to recommend, CLICK HERE and send an e-mail to the chairperson of the Community Services Committee.