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Lake Gaston


Computers and their applications are fun to use, fun to figure out how to operate, and fun to talk about. The purpose of the Lake Gaston Computer Club is to facilitate all three of these concepts. We do this through meetings, classes and forums.

In our meetings, we explore the capabilities of these digital marvels with presentations by locals and experts from out of town. The forums are informal affairs where interested people meet, watch demonstrations, raise questions and discuss their experiences. Our classes are based on popular applications, and we sponsor a number of active Special Interest Groups on Genealogy, MAC computers and iPads. A "key function" in our operation is the much appreciated technical support group at our Repair Shop. So if you have a problem with your computer, the Repair Shop can likely help you out on Monday mornings.

The Lake Gaston Computer Club helps its members understand the most current computer technology and learn the skills necessary to function in today’s world. It offers something for everyone and provides opportunities to meet new friends.

Become a Member of Lake Gaston Computer ClubWhatever your skill level or interest, the Lake Gaston Computer Club has something for you!



A play at the Colonial theatre.

Steel Magnolias,
July, 24th, 2:30pm
Tickets $15.00

Lake Gaston Computer Member of the Lake Gaston Chamber of Commerce

Mailing Address

Lake Gaston Computer Club
PO Box 1533
Littleton, NC 27850


Computer Club Meeting Information

Computer Club monthly meetings are currently held at the Lake Gaston Lions Club on the second Tuesday of each month from 1 - 3 PM. There are no general meetings scheduled for the months of July and August. Visitors are always welcome! Come learn about the advantages of becoming a computer club member. There’s no better bargain around Lake Gaston that will provide members the education they need to keep current with the latest computer technology.

LGCC General Meeting

Tuesday, May 10, 2022, 1:00 – 3:00pm
Monthly on the second Tuesday

Lake Gaston Lions Club
139 Stanley Rd, Henrico, NC 27842, USA


"Life in Information Technology at Vance Granville Community College"

The speaker will be William Weaver, Director of Information Technology. He was born and raised in Vance County in Sept. 1967. He graduated from Vance Senior High School in 1985, went to VGCC in Business Computer Programing, quit before completing his degree but returned and earned an A.A.S in Information Technology from VGCC in 1998. He worked for Kennametal, a tungsten Carbide company, as a Metallurgist for 18 years. After that he left there and began his I.T. career at Vance Charter School and Granville Health System, and was with the Charter School and Granville Health System combined for 20 years. He recently started working for VGCC as the Director of Information Technology, on January 3, 2022.

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