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Lake Gaston


The table below lists the 2020 Lake Gaston Computer Club board members and other personnel you may contact. Clicking on an Email address below will open a new blank Email message in the default Email client installed on your system, such as Microsoft Mail or Microsoft Outlook. If you use a webmail service instead, please copy the Email address, open a new message in your webmail service, and paste the Email address into the To or Cc address field.

Name Term Expires Position Email
Doug Kolb 2022 President
Rich Thomas 2022 Vice President
Bob Roegner 2021 Treasurer
Charlotte Wright 2022 Secretary
Rob Lenahan 2022 Programs
Bob Schmitz 2022 Education & Training
Clarence Powell 2021 Fundraising
Gary Holder 2021 Membership
Fred Kneisel 2021 Community Services
*Tom Davis N/B/M Technical Support
*Nancy Nicholson N/B/M Communications


* Non Board Member